Randy Parker

Web Development

YP (formerly AT&T Interactive)

Director of Advertiser Interfaces — Sep 2010 - May 2015
Manager of Advertiser Interfaces — Dec 2009 - Sep 2010
Manager UI Development— Dec 2007 - Dec 2009

As part of the Ad Platform Department, I was the Director of the Advertiser Interfaces team, and I managed a team of front- and back-end Senior Software Engineers who develop the Advertiser Solutions Customer Portal (http://adsolutions.yp.com), the self-serve platform which YP advertisers use to manage their advertising products.

Ingenio (formerly Keen)

Lead Software Engineer — Aug 2000 - Dec 2007

In addition to being a hands-on Microsoft ASP and ASP.NET (C#) coder (web developer), I managed a team of 3-5 Software Engineers specializing in front-end web development. My team developed numerous Ingenio-owned web applications (e.g. Keen, Keen UK, Ether, Ingenio Live Advice, Ingenio Pay Per Call, Ingenio Partner Center, etc.) as well as internal company tools.

Keen.com — Jan - Aug, 2000

Senior HTML Developer


I was the first HTML developer at this e-commerce startup and was hired to build the UI layer for the Keen Live Advice web site.

Shoestring Radio Theatre

Webmaster — 1995 - Present


An extensive web site, which I conceived, designed, developed, and continue to maintain for the San Francisco non-profit corporation Shoestring Radio Theatre. The site provides information about the company's two nationally-syndicated, weekly radio programs: "Movie Magazine International" (film reviews) and "Shoestring Radio Theatre" (radio dramas)

Nico Pemantle: Singer-Songwriter

Webmaster — 1996 - Present


A web site I conveived, designed and developed for Berkeley-based singer-songwriter Nico Pemantle to help him promote his music on-line. The site includes Pemantle's bio, information on his two albums, six complete songs available for MP3 streaming or download, a feedback form, and mail order information.


Webmaster / Founder — 1998 - Present


Web site which offers quick novelties and diversions, including the "Name That..." Quiz.

Crunchy Frog Comedy

Webmaster — 1998 to Present


"Crunchy Frog Comedy" is a sketch comedy audio show inspired in large part by Monty Python's Flying Circus. I founded the comedy troupe in 1998 to produce comedy sketches not suitable for "Shoestring Radio Theatre" (see above).

Genentech: gWiz Corporate Intranet

Web Developer - IRCS — Dec 1998 - Jan 2000

Designed, developed and produced web pages for "Computing@Genentech", a tech information portal within the general "gWiz" corporate Intranet. Maintained the Netscape Communicator 4.5 Rollout sub-site, PDA Standards sub-site, OS Refresh sub-site, and others. Wrote and edited web-based tip sheets and FAQ pages.

Webmaster - IRCSMA — Nov 1997 - Dec 1998

Developed, designed and maintained web site for Information Resources Customer Service Medical Affairs for use as a forum for computer support-related announcements and information, including extensive Windows 95 training tip sheets.

Team Member - IRCS Computing@Genentech Web Project — Jan 1998 - Jan 2000

As member of IRCS web team, I earned a Genentech Recognition Award for my work on the Computing@Genentech web project, the mission of which was to create a comprehensive Intranet site which would consolidate technological information & resources and provide a single point of contact for end-user technology needs.

Note: These web sites are on Genentech's internal corporate Intranet and therefore are not available for public viewing.

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