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Radio Drama

Shoestring Radio Theatre — Feb 1991 - Present

Shoestring Radio Theatre is a San Francisco-based, non-profit radio drama company (founded in 1988 by Monica Sullivan) whose productions have aired nationally and internationally. The program has aired locally in the Bay Area on flagship station KUSF-90.3 FM (University of San Francisco) since 1991. "Shoestring Radio Theatre" debuted on the Public Radio Satellite Network (which reaches hundreds of public radio stations across the country) in July, 1993, and has since become one of the most prominent radio drama troupes in the country. The program also is heard on Golden Hours Radio in the state of Oregon, the Companion Radio Network (transmitted to convalescent homes, veterans hospitals, and rehabilitation centers throughout the country), and Broadcast Services for the Blind (carried on the SAP channel of KTVU-TV in Oakland).

Crunchy Frog Comedy — 1998 - Present

Crunchy Frog Comedy is a comedy troupe I founded in 1998 to produce audio shows for the web, everything from short comedy sketches to full-length plays. In addition to founding the troupe, I have written (or co-written) most of the scripts, directed and produced all of the productions, and designed and developed the show's web site at http://CrunchyFrogComedy.com.

Entertainment Journalism & Publicity

Film Close-Ups — Sep 1988 - Jan 1991

"Film Close-Ups", which aired on the U.C. Berkeley radio station (KALX-FM), was a weekly half-hour radio program offering comprehensive coverage of the Bay Area movie scene, including reviews, interviews with filmmakers, industry gossip, and reports on film festivals, repertory houses and home video. Over nine hours of my contributions to the show as co-host, film critic, interviewer, reporter, and engineer are available, including promo spots which I produced and co-wrote.

Daily Californian — Nov 1989 - Aug 1990

The Daily Californian is Berkeley's only daily newspaper (circulation: 30,000), serving the campus and the community. As a film critic/writer for the twice-a-week "California Arts" section, my published articles included numerous full-length and capsule movie reviews, an interview, and a book review.

Concord Pavilion — May - Nov 1990

As the Publicity/Promotions Assistant at the 8,500-seat amphitheater in Concord, California, I wrote over 60 press releases and public service announcements for distribution to the Bay Area media: the daily newspapers (Chronicle, Examiner, Tribune, etc.) and all major radio stations. At the end of the concert season, I also designed and assembled Sampler Packages which summarized the publicity, promotions, advertising, and overall marketing campaign for the Concord Jazz Festival, JVC Jazz Festival, and 4th of July Celebration.

Desktop Publishing

Ratings, Reviews & Interviews — Dec 1997

A self-published 225-page collection of movie reviews, interviews, and Top-10 Lists, compiled from my two and a half years as a film critic during and after college. The 1998 edition of the book, which I wrote, co-edited, designed and published, is the third edition (I published the first two editions in 1989 and 1990). The entire contents of the collection is also now available on the web at Ratings, Reviews & Interviews Online.

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