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Since the early 1990s, I've been involved off and on in writing, directing and producing radio dramas, everything from short comedy sketches to full-length plays of all genres.

A Brief History

In college, I met producer Monica Sullivan, who was producing a weekly movie review program ("Film Close-Ups") and a weekly radio drama show ("Shoestring Radio Theatre") at KALX-FM, U.C. Berkeley. After a couple years of reviewing movies and conducting interviews on "Film Close-Ups" (which was rechristened "Movie Magazine International" when Monica moved her shows from KALX to KUSF), I started submitting scripts to "Shoestring Radio Theatre." After hearing my first script ("Number 13") produced, I was hooked, and over the years I became more and more involved in the all-volunteer, non-profit radio drama troupe, which began nationally syndicating its shows in 1993. During the rest of the 1990s, I went on to write, direct and/or produce over 20 plays (30 to 90 minutes each) and 25 shorts; the complete list is available in my online résumé.

In January, 2000, I started working for an Internet startup and, unfortunately, no longer had time to be regularly involved in Shoestring productions. However, since then, I've occasionally produced audio comedy with my own side troupe, Crunchy Frog Comedy, which I originally founded to produce material a little too edgy for Shoestring.

Listen To My Productions

You can listen to many of my "Shoestring Radio Theatre" and "Crunchy Frog Comedy" productions on the web, as described below.

Shoestring Radio Theatre

My full-length plays air periodically in rotation on Shoestring's weekly and national broadcasts.The Listening Room page on the Shoestring web site has instructions for how to listen on-demand or via Internet simulcast.

Several of my favorite shorts and comedy sketches are available for immediate listening in MP3 via the links below (or you can view the radio drama list in my résumé which has the same MP3 links along with descriptions of each short). The shorts below are listed in chronological order.

Crunchy Frog Comedy

You can listen to all of my CFC productions on the Crunchy Frog Comedy web site.

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