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Emusements.com is an amusement park for your mind featuring quick diversions and novelties. Currently, we offer the following emusements, with more to come:

Name That... Quiz Game
Can you name that movie in 5 actors? In 4 actors? In 3 actors? In 2 actors? How about that TV show? How many actors will it take before you have the answer? Conversely, can you name that actor (or actress) in 5 movies, 4 movies, 3 movies, or just 2 movies? There are 8 "flavors" of the game to try...
Crunchy Frog Comedy
If you like Monty Python or The Kids in the Hall, you should enjoy this sketch comedy "radio" show produced specifically for the Internet.
Arcade Games
These fun and fast-loading arcade-style games are perfect for a quick-break from your busy day. With over 35 games to choose from, you're certain to find something you like!

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